Core & Strength Workshop for Triathletes & Runners


Over the last 8 years we have developed a 3 phase conditioning programme for Triathlon & Running clubs, working with Elmbridge & Sutton running clubs as well as many independent triathletes & runners .The results have seen a massive reduction in injuries and up to 85% improvement in performance.

”  Core Active delivers the right mix of functional core strength , bodyweight exercises , run technique drills , that are importantly progressive each week” .  Bernie – Duathlete .

” Core Active sessions are essential to me to help keep a good form regardless both of fatigue & terrian and vitally avoiding injury”. Stephen –  9 times Jungfrau Mountain marathon finisher.


The Workshops  will focus on .

Injury Prevention  – Lower Leg & ankle stability – Core & Glute strength – Hip mobility – Functional strength, Run cadence drills, Recovery stretches.

These Workshops are for… *Clubs   *Teams    *Individuals   *Academies   *Corporate company’s


Golf Conditioning for Club & Pro Golfers.

This Workshop involves Specific Conditioning exercises & drills designed to improve the integration and synchronisation of the whole body .

The sessions are based on a progressive & structured approach to the development of mobility, flexibility, strength and power, all vital elements in Golf.

Over the past 5 years we have worked with Tour professionals James Heath , Adam Gee and we are currently working with PGA & Ryder Cup player Ross Fisher.  We have also attended workshops with the late & great golf physio Ramsey McMaster .


Specific exercises to improve intergration of all muscle groups , using Resistance bands , Medicine balls,Wooden dowls, Spikey balls, Trigger Point Recovery Kit, Bodyweight mobility .

The Workshops are for up to a maximuim of 6 people the workshops run over 4 consecutive week end days.


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