Triathlon Background

Steve has been involved in triathlon at a high level for many years, coaching and working with some of the best names in triathlon along the way, such as Thames Turbo, Tim Don, Emma Davis, James Knight, Medena Knespal, Dr Nicholas Romanov, Alan Ingarfield to name but a few. As well as being a part of the BTTA coaching set up when such athletes as Jodie Stimpson and Helen Jenkins were coming through. So if you’re on the lookout for an experienced triathlon coach, then look no further!

What We Offer

We offer triathlon coaching to all abilities and distances, from sprint, olympic and Ironman to beginners, age group and elites. You can book a 1-2-1 session or attend one of our small group sessions. We are based in Surrey and base our training and coaching in and around areas such as Richmond, Box hill, Kingston, Ewell and Cheam.

Whether your a novice just starting out and are looking for some basic guidance/coaching or an elite looking to get a PB at your next race, you’ve come to the right place. We cater for all, and with our smart and structured training sessions we will help you achieve your triathlon goals. 

1-2-1 sessions

Depending on what your primary goal is our sessions will be targeted towards your weaker elements or sessions that you find harder to fit in around your lifestyle and training plans such as brick sessions and strength and conditioning. We have found through experience these two elements are normally the two most neglected yet are two of the most beneficial things you can do to help get a fitter, faster and stronger you. A typical 1-2-1 session could look a little like this :

10 –  minute mobility and TP grid roll warm up

30-40 minutes – brick (Bike/Run) work combined with strength and conditioning (Brick work may be Turbo or bike depending on goals/availability/time)

10 minutes – stretch, mobility, TP grid roll cool down

Within our Strength and conditioning sessions we work to what we call “Super Strong Six”. Six exercises we choose to help improve your weaker areas. These Six exercises are then given to you individually on a training card for you to do when we don’t see you during the week so you can still implement them on your own to enhance improvement. We will analyse you after 4 – 6 weeks to see how much you have improved and were we can progress your Super Strong Six.

Contact us below to book a session or to meet to discuss goals, training plans and how we can help you achieve your triathlon goals this year. 

Triathlon Training Days

We also help deliver triathlon training days with RG Active. These training days are in May, June and July either at Ham Lake or Eton Dorney lake and are full days of triathlon training from 9 – 4pm. We specialise in the run and conditioning on these days, you can find out more about these triathlon training days at the Human race website.



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