Filming for Six Pad.

By Roxy / March 29, 2016

Hey everyone! 

So some of you may know that recently we were asked to film and be a part of a commercial for a product called six pad. This product was developed with Cristiano Ronaldo and is only available in Japan at the moment, but will be available elsewhere very soon.


So what is six pad? As we mentioned before its a product developed in Japan and with Cristiano Ronaldo. It has a built in CMM pulse programme, which is a 23 minute programme designed at an optimal intensity to work, tone and firm muscles sending electrical impulses to your muscles to make them contract like they normally would through exercise. Throughout the 23 minutes the CMM Pulse programme changes intensities,from warm up to workout and cool down. The six pad also has 15 levels of intensity’s built in so you can suit it your fitness level. It’s also cordless, you wear the abs fit, yes you guessed it…on your abs! and theres also the body fit which you can fit to your arms, legs or obliques. So there’s a little bit about the six pad product, incase your wondering here are some benefits of six pad.

  • Its cordless so you can wear it on the go, travelling to work, around the house or at the gym
  • You can wear the six pad whilst still training/exercising
  • It’s easy to use, with just a single touch to operate
  • Improves blood circulation and stimulation of the muscles
  • Places no stress on the joints so if your injured or returning from injury you can use it without stressing the joints

Thats just some of the benefits we found from using six pad. So now onto filming day…

Our day began at Slice studios, where the filming was going to take place. We arrived at 8am slightly anxious but excited for what lay ahead. Stevo was up first and as he went to makeup, I continued looking at my lines! The advert incorporated a q&a with myself and Steve as we were the personal training testimonials, so Steve had his Q&A filmed first, now this seems a lot easier then you may think but it doesn’t matter how often you have revised your lines, when those cameras hit you, it can go out the window!


After Steve’s Q&A we then went into the gym and was joined by two models who were there to demo the six pad being used whilst exercising and we would go through how the six pad worked and what it does. This was quite fun even if we did find ourselves repeating what we needed to say very often as their were many takes.


After lunch it was then Roxy’s turn, again the q&a in front of the cameras, if you are an actor or very used to being on camera I’m sure this would be much easier, but when your not its much more difficult. You find yourself stumbling your words or answering a simple question with a never ending answer. Its quite unnatural at first but you get used to it after a while and soon find yourself nailing your lines.


Overall it was great to be a part of the advert, great promotion and opportunity for us and also great experience. We won’t be giving up our day jobs anytime soon! But do look out for us on the TV come the summer, you may see our faces on your screens sometime soon!


Until next time!

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