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Personal Training


Individual sessions.

Our sessions are tailored for your personal requirements after an initial consultation & assessment. sessions can then be geared towards your personal goals. We have a fully equipped private studio in Cheam which we have exclusive use of. our client age ranges from 15 to 70 years of age .



” I used to go to the gym 5 times a week doing one or two classes and my own gym routine each week,I didn’t enjoy going to the gym, I wasn’t getting any fitter and most frustratingly I wasn’t losing any weight. I then met Steve and Roxy and they discussed how they could help me achieve my goals. We started training twice a week and I joined in on their kettlebell Fitcamp sessions once a week, as well as Roxy devising my a nutrition programme. Well after 6 weeks I had lost over a stone in weight, the nutrition plan was so easy to follow and I never went hungry! I was actually eating MORE food then ever before. I completely changed shape, dropping 3 dress sizes! I also increased my strength and fitness, I started with a 4kg kettlebell and after a few weeks I was already progressing up to an 8 and 10kg Kettlebell. I can even now use a 12kg kettlebell for some exercises, i’m so much stronger then I used to be and I actually look forward to working out! I wish i’d met Roxy and Steve sooner, what ever your goals are make sure you contact them, they will help you achieve your goals and so much more! ” Susan


Improved fitness . For anyone new to fitness to ex – gym user or towards GOAL oriented fitness, combining Strength, Stamina, Core Work, Mobility, along side running work outside or on the treadmill. whatever your fitness goal  Core Active will help you achieve it.

Weight loss. These session’s combined with our Eat Clean nutrition programme will GUARANTEE that you will lose weight and remain healthy by using short interval blocks of work to kick start and speed up your metabolism,Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, put it this way if its effective we use it! Perfect to get in shape for birthday/wedding or special occasion .

Injury Prevention / Post Operation Rehabilitation . We have worked with several physiotherapy clinics  & hospitals rehabbing knee & hip operations & specific sessions after back surgery, as well as a variety of sporting injuries. We also offer a Sports massage service for individual clients only .

Sports PerformanceWe use these sessions to improve specific sports performance, using functional strength movements to improve weaknesses that you may have, from 5/10k running, half / full marathons,  triathlon training, golf from club to pro ( see workshops ) football teams/players ect…these sessions can be applied to most sports, they can also be used as recovery from sports injury.


What some of our clients say about us

” Doing  an individual session with Roxy as well as a home workout card , I was back to my pre baby weight and in my skinny jeans 9 months after having Sophia”. Judith

” I feel incredible, in the best shape of my life ever! I have a holiday coming up soon and I now can’t wait to get in my bikini!” Julie

” Since attending Core Active’s sessions and combined with their Eat Clean nutrition plan I am the same weight in my 40’s as I was in my 20’s.John

 Two individual sessions a week have helped me progress and achieve my goals far quicker then when I was hitting the gym on my own 4 times a week”. Paul


  • We also offer home visit sessions where we come to you , getting fit just got easier.
  • You can share these sessions with up to 3 people, sharing the cost with friends or family.
  • Individual sessions  are available  from 6.30 am – 7.30 pm at a time that suits you.
  • We can also produce Home workout cards for you to do in between your sessions
  • You can also purchase a block of sessions as a gift for a birthday / xmas present .


Do not hesitate to start your training with Core Active fill out the contact form below & we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a session at a time, day & place that suits you.