Core Active Kettlebells.

Steve & Roxy have been working with Kettlebells for 8 years having qualified as IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainers under Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn in 2008 . In 2010 we launched our own Kettlebell Shapes programme at Nuffield Health Club, the programme  allows the newcomer and experianced Kettlebell users to workout together using specifically designed Kettlebell workout cards. We have our own kettlebell sessions in Hinchley wood that cater for all ages and fitness levels, these sessions are great for weight loss, change of shape and improving strength. We also use kettlebells regularly in our PT sessions, a part of a strength and conditioning program and as well as teaching kettlebell and kettlebell – HITT classes in many studios in London and Surrey.

Kettlebells for a Total Body Workout

Kettlebells are the perfect training tool for improved fitness, change of shape, weight Loss & better health. Kettlebells are perfect for when short of time 30 mins of GOOD KETTLEBELL training will give you ALL the elements of FITNESS you need, Cardio,Strength, Mobility,Toning & Flexibility.

The Sports Science

Controlling the gravitational pull of the Kettlebell , pulls the body in multiple planes. Kettlebell swings train Hip extension & glute recruitment to reduce lower back problems. The balance of tension & relaxation improves both mobility & flexibility , as most kettlebell exercises are groundbased your core has to enagage/work to stabilise throughout all the different planes of movement .

Kettlebells Fitcamps

Over the past 6 years we have delivered 100s of Kettlebell sessions and launched our Kettlebell Fitcamps. Our kettlebell fitcamps are based in Cheam, your first session is FREE then after that its only £6 per session! Our kettlebell fitcamps are outdoors and combine kettlebell exercises, bodyweight moves and some short interval running. We ALWAYS have alternative exercises available to everyone, so if you have bad knees or a bad back, or find running difficult theres always something else we can give you to do. Our sessions are for ALL ages, sizes, and abilities, so don’t be afraid! Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can start today!

Mondays – 6-6.45pm – Tuesdays – Thursdays 9.45 – 10.30am – First session FREE – Just £6 per session after that!

” I am definitely addicted to Kettlebells with Steve & Roxy at Core Active. There are never two sessions the same which makes it fun, challenging, inspiring & motivating. After just a few weeks I really started to see results, my abs were more toned and my core feels stronger then ever before. Overall I feel fitter & stronger and I am always impatient for the next session“. Clare


Kettlebell Shapes

Get in shape with our Kettlebell Shapes

We run these sessions twice a week in Hinchley wood, Linwood park and at various gyms/health clubs including Energie Fulham and Slice Studios, Parsons Green. They are aimed at both newcomers & experianced Kettlebell users, based on various exercises from our uniquely designed kettlebell Shapes workouts. After just 6 weeks of 2 sessions a week clients have reported a definite Change of Shape as well as weight loss. These sessions are always hugely popular wherever we do them and that’s because you get an intense, fun & effective workout that gets you results!


” I have been doing Kettlebell training with Core Active for over 5 months now and I can’t recommend them enough! I have really noticed a difference & my shape is changing for the better. Each sessions is different & fun even though its difficult. Steve and Roxy are amazing! Very motivational, fun & focused. They are always looking to keep the sessions fresh so boredom never sets in. If your looking for an amazing workout with great trainers then look no further!” Sue


Kettlebell Abs & Core

Get perfect abs in a safe & effective way

These sessions are perfect not only to get KILLER ABS but to protect & strengthen your lower back. These sessions consist of various Kettlebell exercises combined with mobility & bodyweight pilates and yoga style drills . These sessions can be part of a gym/studio timetable or if your not a member of a gym then in Our Gym/Studio for individuals ( see our personal training page) So lose those dreaded crunchies (they hurt your back!) and start with some Russian Twists, Elevators, Bridges, Halos for GREAT ABS and a HEALTHY BACK. 



Kettlebell for Sports Performance

Bring the gym to your training

This is where we bring the Kettlebells to your training session, they fit pefectly into any sports training session as there is no set up time . We have used Kettlebells at an Elite level in Triathlon, Golf, Football and at club level in Tennis, Rowing and Hockey. They are very cost effective for around £500 – £ 1000 you can purchase enough Kbs for a team/club And as well as being used outside they can be used inside with such sports as Basketball, Squash & Badminton


So there you have it Kettlebells are the perfect training tool! With 2 experienced coaches like us who have taught thousands of classes we know any of our Kettlebell programmes whatever one you may choose can benefit you! Get in contact right away wait to see how our clients are getting the results they want with our Kettlebells.