We run Fitcamps not Bootcamps…why?

At our Fitcamp you will get a Smart & structured session every time, where as on most Bootcamps you will just get a tough workout every time with little focus on corrective exercises just beasting! (Not  nessecary!). We will always give alternative appropriate exercises for the group we are working with, virtually every exercise we use has a level up ( harder ) & a level down ( easier). There is no one size fits all with us, instead we give you specific and individual attention.  and dont forget your first session is FREE , so you have nothing to lose , but lots to gain .

* Change Shape.   * Get Fitter.   *Lose Weight.   *Improve Health.   * Experienced Trainers


All Fitcamp sessions are based on short blocks of training & interval running (when/if we feel you are ready to run) otherwise you will do Bodyweight cardio exercises as an alternative to running, similar to tabata training. Each session is 1 Hour WE can GUARANTEE that you  will be in the best shape of your life, once you start our Fitcamp. We offer a pay as you go once a week Fitcamp  session, 2 Fitcamps a week including a nutrition plan , and a Deluxe package of 3 Fitcamps and Nutrition plan.



Anyone looking to lose weight & change shape, suited for both male and females. Our Fitcamp sessions combine with our Eat Clean Nutrition plan, which is simple and effective to follow will help you shred those lbs and lose those inches. In the photo below is a Core Active Fitcamp member  who lost weight and changed shape with our 4 week Fitcamp plan.

Chris before & after our Fitcamps

Chris before & after our Fitcamps

 ” I signed up for Core Active’s 4 week FitCamp and eat clean nutrition and plan and the results were amazing! The nutrition plan was so easy to follow and all the recipes were tasty. Steve and Roxy were very supportive, encouraging and were alway there if I needed them. In 4 weeks I got so much stronger from using Kettlebells, I lost huge amounts of weight, my energy levels were ten times higher then ever before and everyone noticed a massive change in me & all for the better! To put it simply Core Active’s FitCamp was the best thing I ever done.”   Chris



We run monthly Fitcamps at our local park in Cheam which you can book yourself onto at anytime. If that doesn’t suit you,don’t worry we have two other options that may…1) We can set up a Fitcamp near you, just like our Kettlebells on tour if you get yourself & a few friends together set the time & location & we come to you. 2) You could purchase our Fitcamps programme online by entering your interest below & we’ll give you all the details you need to know.



You are GUARANTEED to get Fitter,Lose weight, Change shape, have fun , make friends.  We have worked with 100s of people over the 5 years, Combined with our EAT CLEAN Nutrition plan which has seen both Arlene & Chris ( see photos) lose 8 stone between them. Lots of others have got back into shape after having children by attending our Fitcamp Also.

“After following Steve & Roxy’s eat clean nutrition plan I lost nearly a stone in weight and lots of inches in just 3 weeks. I also attended 2 FitCamp sessions a week and I loved it! Each session was different, challenging but fun too! I would recommend Core Active’s Fitcamp and eat clean nutrition plan to anyone who wants to lose weight and change shape because it gets results!Hannah



If you Attend all 10 sessions within the month and follow our eat clean nutrition plan and do not achieve any results we’ll give you a full refund.


Interested in losing weight or/& getting in shape? Then our Fitcamps and our eating Clean nutrition plan is exactly what you need! Get in contact today and you could be on the road to great health and fitness right away. first session is FREE as well .