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Core Active I-fit fitness & conditioning programme is informative, inclusive & intelligent based exercise for pupils of all ages.


We have worked at Kingston College where we ran a Strength & Conditioning programme for the London Region TASS ( Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme ) we have also worked at several other  High schools on the TASS programme. We have just finished a conditioning workshop with a National level Handball Team as part of the ACE programme. Over the last 3 years we have delivered our I – fit programme at 6 Surrey based High schools


Our I – fit programme is designed with various sets of exercise cards based on improving all aspects of fitness & health. Each card has a level 1 -8 allowing pupils to work to work at their appropriate level and more importantly learning & mastering that level before moving on to the next. Targets & improvements can be measured using our Personal Best table and rewards using our Gold, Silver & Bronze scheme.

In 2008 at their annual conference doctors from BASEM warned unless an innovative approach to PE was adopted children would grow up with the risk of back problems & osteoarthritis. Recently Australia have restructured the whole of their PE curriculum. The new curriculum views PE as not only improving fitness, but health, posture, movement, confidence & self esteem.


Hot footed Lizzard drill, a part of our I-fit programme.


Dr. Richard Budgett the British Olympic Chief Medical Doctor stated that “in an average PE lesson there was sometimes only 12-15 mins of activity because of setting up time for the lesson”. Normally there is no warm up and pupils are thrown straight into sport & games. Some pupils have reconciled themselves to our sedentary lifestyles mostly based on not enjoying PE which leads to lack of confidence & well being, poor posture and long term poor health.



For generations schools PE lessons were based upon games such as football, rugby, netball, hockey. In the future however they could be getting their exercise by doing Hot lizards, Upside down bug , Dancing crab, Surfers, as well as functional movements such as Squatting, Lunging, Pulling, Pushing, Rotating as well as ground based drills as a part of our I – fit programme.


Benefits for the students.

* Our i – fit programme is inclusive to all pupils whatever their fitness levels.

* There is zero set up time so pupils are active for 90% of the lesson.

* Using the cards will improve cognitive & neuromuscular thinking

* There are over 100 variations using our cards so its always varied as well as challenging.

* Current exercises  Dancing crab, Hot lizard, Bridge march. replace Cooper runs, Havard step test.

* The fundamentals of the programme are to train movements not muscles.

* The i – fit programme will improve fitness , health, posture , confidence ,reduce the risk of injury

* The cards are fun & user friendly with pupils of all ages .


“Physical Education is the only subject that has the potential to effect how a pupil feels every day, if we get this right it can lead to massive improvements in concentration levels & better grades “


Benefit for the school.

* Taking part in regular exercise helps improve self esteem leading to a happier school experience

* By taking part in regular exercise students have better discipline levels due to being able to let off     aggression during the lesson/activity

*No equipment required so very cost effective

*A learning aspect to every lesson and inclusive to all students what ever their fitness levels.

* Higher grades can be achieved by students obtaining a more active role in P E lessons.

* Partner fitness work will promote friendships and interaction leading to a positive environment


 Benefits of I – fit functional training. 

* Your body is the machine/ equipment / gym so you can workout anywhere anytime

* The goal of functional training is to link it to not only fitness but to day to day activities

* Total body training involving all muscles groups by Squatting, Lunging, Pushing, Pulling, Twisting .

* Train movements not muscles , the brain body connection does not work in isolation .

* With floor based exercises as a starting point we build strength from the ground up .

* Different levels of difficulty so all students get to take part .