Detox tips for January

By Roxy / January 3, 2017

After all the excess in December, January is the perfect time for National Detox Month! We are all guilty of over-indulging during the party season, especially if you are good for most of the year. It’s a chance to let your hair down. The only problem is – eating rich foods and drinking more alcohol than […]

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Chocolate Mousse!

By Roxy / August 14, 2016

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Share0 Chocolate Mousse recipe   Here’s our guilt free chocolate mousse recipe and yes we really do mean guilt free! Serves 4 – Ingredients 3 large avocados stones and flesh scooped out 75g  high quality cacao powder 50 – 70g honey – high quality 3 tbs coconut milk 1tsp vanilla extract optional […]

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Filming for Six Pad.

By Roxy / March 29, 2016

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Hey everyone!  So some of you may know that recently we were asked to film and be a part of a commercial for a product called six pad. This product was developed with Cristiano Ronaldo and is only available in Japan at the moment, but will be available elsewhere very soon. […]

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Tips with Turmeric

By Roxy / March 1, 2016

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10     Turmeric! One of the most powerful anti – inflammatory’s you can find! Natures wonder drug! This stuff is so powerful and has so many health benefits it’s ridiculous.      Here’s just some of the amazing things Turmeric can help with Chronic inflammation & pain Rheumatoid arthritis Depression Diabetes […]

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Are you addicted to Sugar?

By Roxy / February 28, 2016

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Share0 Are you addicted to Sugar?   Todays blog post is all about Sugar. Do you crave sugar? Are you aware sugar is evil?! Did you know proven tests have shown that sugar is just as addictive of if not more addictive then cocaine!     Before we get started heres […]

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Healthy Pecan & Banana cupcakes!

By Roxy / February 22, 2016

Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Share0 Pecan Banana Cupcake Recipe   This recipe makes 12 What you need 100g pecans 70g chestnut puree 3 ripe bananas sliced 30g honey 2tsp vanilla extract 50g ground almond 4 eggs 12tsp creme fraiche Optional – 1 scoop of vanilla why protein powder   How to make Preheat the oven […]

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Kettlebell facts we call the Grateful 8!

By Roxy / February 20, 2016

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Share +10 The Grateful 8     8 Reasons to use kettle bells for Fat loss and Fitness Firstly kettle bell training can be accessible to everyone, you don’t need a gym membership, you don’t even need a huge amount of space! Its also safe for anyone of any age, size or […]

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